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15 cm High-Definition από την MAXAR έφτασε


15 cm HD provides a new pixel experience for our customers, helping them identify smaller features on the ground to make more informed decisions from satellite imagery

15 cm HD is created by applying MAXAR's proprietary HD technology to our NATIVE 30 CM IMAGERY.

More opportunities with 15 cm HD

The Maxar satellite constellation provides the highest-resolution (natively collected) imagery in the commercial market. Maxar collects about 680,000 sq km of 30 cm imagery every day, providing an abundant inventory to create 15 cm HD. WorldView Legion will triple Maxar's 30 cm collection capacity.

Aerial complement


Aerial customers are already using 15 cm HD to augment their collections over regions that are too remote to fly aircraft and to support aerial mapping missions that have been affected by the pandemic. 15 cm HD is not a replacement for aerial mapping, but it augments this solution with global coverage with satellite imagery.



15 cm HD significantly expands the level of detail, maximizing the ability to see smaller features that can be gathered from satellite imagery. For customers who need to monitor and identify critical areas, 15 cm HD provides new insights into remote locations to observe high-value assets, environment, agriculture and change over time. Reducing in-field inspections protects both assets and personnel.

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