Maxar is a trusted partner and innovator in Earth intelligence and space infrastructure. We deliver disruptive value to government and commercial customers to help them monitor, understand and navigate our changing planet; deliver global broadband communications; and explore and advance the use of space.


Based in Munich, Germany and established in 2002, European Space Imaging is the leading premium supplier of global very high resolution (VHR) satellite imagery and derived services to customers in Europe and North Africa.


Planet is the leading provider of global, near-daily satellite imagery data and insights. Planet is driven by a mission to image all of Earth’s landmass every day, and make global change visible, accessible and actionable. Founded in 2010 by three NASA scientists, Planet designs, builds, and operates the largest fleet of satellites, as well as online software, tools and analytics needed to deliver data to users.


Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT) is a world leading provider of communication services for spacecraft and launch vehicles from our uniquely located global ground network, and provides advanced monitoring services with rapid delivery based on multiple satellite missions. KSAT owns and operates a truly global cost-effective multi-mission Ground Station Network of both polar and mid-latitude stations.


DigitalGlobe is a leading global provider of commercial, high-resolution, world imagery products and services. Sourced from our own advanced satellite constellation and aerial network, our imagery solutions support a wide variety of uses from mapping and analysis to navigation technology. With advanced collection sources, a comprehensive ImageLibrary and a range of online and offline products and services, we enable clients to access and integrate imagery seamlessly into business operations and applications.


SI Imaging Services(SIIS) is a leading Satellite Imagery Provider for Remote Sensing and Earth Observation. The SIIS has the Exclusive Worldwide Marketing and Sales Representative of KOMPSAT series which is KOMPSAT-2, KOMPSAT-3 and KOMPSAT-5. Also the SIIS serves DubaiSAT-2 satellite imagery worldwide.


Located in Beijing, Space View Technology Co., Ltd. (‘Space View’) is a leading provider of Earth Observation satellite data and geospatial information services. The company business covers optical and SAR satellite imagery, data processing, value-added products, software and solutions.


Founded in 2006 as an innovative research company with focus on computer vision technology, through years of intensive R&D work Agisoft LLC has gained expertise in image processing algorithms, with digital photogrammetry techniques setting the direction for development of applied tools.


eOsphere is a UK SME focused on earth observation applications with a proven track-record working around the world with local teams building operational systems to provide environmental information feeding into national services. At the heart of all of eOsphere’s work is an emphasis on making satellite data usable for our clients.


e-GEOS, an ASI (20%) / Telespazio (80%) company, is a leading international player in the Earth Observation and Geo-Spatial Information business.
 e-GEOS is the global distributor for the COSMO-SkyMed data, the largest and most advanced Radar Satellite constellation available today.


Main areas of activity:
- participation in the development and implementation of current, long-term intersectoral programs in the field of space activities of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
- introduction of space technologies aimed at solving the socio-economic problems of Kazakhstan;
- carrying out experimental design work on the creation of space systems and complexes.


Capella Space is a new kind of company with a bold purpose: we believe the space-based technologies we’re building today will better commerce, conservation, and the well-being of all people through the 21st century and beyond. The key to creating a better world lies in the timely observation of our planet; Capella Space is rapidly making it a reality.


CG Satellite is a world-leading commercial satellite manufacturer, operater and information service provider.


Zhuhai Orbita Aerospace Science & Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter called “Orbita”) was founded in March 2000 in Zhuhai, China. With its head office in Zhuhai, Orbita has been recognized to be a leading company for high reliability and low cost products manufacture within the IC industry and, a pioneer for operating commercial earth-observing satellite constellation that provides end-users with high efficient, specialized satellite data and services.